A.J. Hawk flashes a brutal eye injury while cohosting ‘The Pat McAfee Show’

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A.J. Hawk flashes a brutal eye injury while cohosting ‘The Pat McAfee Show’: AJ Hawk, cohost of The Pat McAfee Show, recently shared a harrowing tale of extreme eye pain caused by his young son. After being scratched by his son, Hawk discovered that a third of his cornea had been damaged. Despite the discomfort, Hawk humorously sported an eye patch and joked about the situation. While he hopes to only wear the patch for one day, the recovery remains uncertain. This incident led to some amusing moments, including concerns from other parents at his kid’s flag football game and jokes about his big head. Read on to learn more about Hawk’s eye-popping experience. See more at Cozylocal.fi website.

A.J. Hawk’s Eye Injury: Son Scratches Cornea

AJ Hawk flashes brutal eye injury while hosting Pat McAfee Show

A.J. Hawk, cohost of the Pat McAfee Show, recently experienced a distressing incident involving his son, Axel, who accidentally scratched his father’s cornea. This unexpected mishap resulted in extreme eye pain and a visit to the doctor for Hawk.

Extreme Eye Pain and Doctor’s Visit

After initially trying to ignore the discomfort, A.J. Hawk decided to seek medical attention when the pain became unbearable. To his surprise, the doctor revealed that Axel had managed to scratch off a significant portion of Hawk’s cornea. The severity of the injury became evident, and Hawk’s priority shifted towards finding relief and understanding the extent of the damage.

Extent of the Injury and Eye Patch

During the second hour of the Pat McAfee Show, A.J. Hawk appeared with a noticeable eye patch, showcasing the aftermath of his son’s accidental scratch. With a touch of humor, Hawk jokingly mentioned that he hoped the eye patch wouldn’t be too distracting. He explained that while bending down to pick up Axel, his son’s thumb inadvertently plunged deep into his eyeball, causing his nail to remove a portion of his cornea.

Recovery and Uncertainty

As Hawk shared his experience, he expressed uncertainty about the recovery process and the duration of wearing the eye patch. Although he hoped it would only be necessary for a day, he acknowledged that the healing journey remained uncertain. The incident left him with burning and watering in his eye, making it difficult to open fully. Despite the discomfort, Hawk maintained a positive outlook, emphasizing that he was grateful the injury wasn’t more severe.

Effects on Daily Life and Humorous Moments

A.J. Hawk’s eye injury had an impact on his daily life, even leading to amusing encounters. At his child’s flag football game, other parents became concerned that Hawk’s competitive spirit was fueled by his eye patch. Additionally, during his visit to the doctor, Hawk was asked if he needed to avoid public appearances on Monday. This humorous moment highlighted the resilience and lightheartedness with which Hawk approached his situation.

A.J. Hawk, cohost of The Pat McAfee Show, recently suffered from extreme eye pain after his son accidentally scratched him. Hawk discovered that a third of his cornea was gone and had to wear an eye patch. Despite the discomfort, Hawk maintained his sense of humor and joked about the situation. He hopes for a quick recovery and expressed gratitude for the support he received. We wish him a speedy healing process and hope to see him back in action soon!

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