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Aaron Quimby Obituary, Death Cause – The passing of Aaron Quimby Allen, an esteemed resident of Mt. Morris, has cast a pall of sorrow over Ogle County. Aaron’s death occurred at his home at half past eleven on a Wednesday evening, marking the end of a life that left an indelible impact on the community. His demise is met with universal regret, as he was not only one of the early settlers of the “Maryland Colony” in Mt. Morris but also a figure widely known and respected throughout the county.

As one of the pioneers who settled in the Maryland Colony, Aaron Quimby Allen played a crucial role in the early development of Mt. Morris. His contributions spanned various domains, reflecting a life dedicated to service and community. Initially, he made a name for himself as a successful and popular teacher, earning the admiration of the early settlers in Ogle County.

His teaching career commenced in 1838 when he arrived in Mt. Morris, and he notably conducted the first school in the area. The school was situated in a humble log schoolhouse approximately a mile west of Mt. Morris, nestled near the Pinckney residence in a grove.

Aaron’s commitment to education laid the foundation for his subsequent roles in the community. Following his teaching career, he served as the County Surveyor for eighteen years, showcasing his skills in a critical role that contributed to the county’s development. Later in life, Aaron took up the mantle of an Auctioneer, becoming a familiar and engaging figure in the community. His recent decision to step back from this role marked the end of an era for those who knew him in this capacity.