Albert Rodriguez ‘Coach Al’ death, STX Marlins baseball coach passed away unexpectedly


(Coach Al) Albert Rodriguez has passed away. (Source: Facebook)
(Coach Al) Albert Rodriguez has passed away. (Source: Facebook)

The world of sports is mourning the loss of a beloved figure as news broke that South Texas Coach Albert Rodriguez, affectionately known as Coach Al, has passed away.

With a heavy heart, fans, players, and colleagues from both the Dallas Cowboys and the STX Marlins communities are coming together to remember and honor the enduring legacy of a coach whose impact extended far beyond the playing field.

Keep reading to know more about Coach Albert Rodriguez and his cause of death in detail.

The baseball world is reeling from the profound loss of a coaching luminary, Coach Albert Rodriguez, known affectionately as Coach Al. The devastating news of his passing was shared with the world through a heartfelt announcement by his brother, Eva M. Rodriguez, on the powerful platform of Facebook. In this difficult time, as the sports community grapples with the absence of a guiding force, Eva’s poignant words serve as a poignant reminder of the impact Coach Al had not only on the field but within the close-knit bonds of family.

Who was Albert Rodriguez?

Albert Rodriguez’s illustrious career as a baseball coach for both the Dallas Cowboys and the STX Marlins has left an indelible mark on the game, characterized by numerous championship victories and an unwavering commitment to player development.

Coach Al Rodriguez’s tenure as the coach of the Dallas Cowboys and the STX Marlins showcased not only his tactical prowess but also his ability to inspire and mold exceptional athletes. Under his leadership, both teams reached the pinnacle of success, clinching championships that became emblematic of Coach Al’s dedication to excellence.

Coach Albert Rodriguez Cause of Death

The sudden and tragic passing of Coach Albert Rodriguez has left the sports community in mourning, with the cause of his death yet to be disclosed. As friends, family, and fans grapple with the loss, details surrounding Coach Al’s departure remain shrouded in mystery.

However, amidst the somber atmosphere, plans for visitation and viewing have been announced, providing an opportunity for those touched by Coach Al’s life to pay their respects. Visitation and viewing are scheduled to take place on Friday, December 29th, from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. at Funeral Del Angel located at 4607 N. Sugar Rd., Pharr, TX 78577. The community is invited to gather, share memories, and bid farewell to a coach whose impact extended far beyond the playing field.

GoFundMe: Aimee Villanueva is organizing this fundraiser.

In the wake of the heartbreaking news of Coach Albert Rodriguez’s passing, a compassionate initiative has emerged within the community. A GoFundMe campaign has been created with the primary goal of raising funds to support Albert’s family and children during this difficult time, alleviating the burden of potential funeral expenses.

For those who wish to contribute and extend their support to Coach Al’s family, the GoFundMe campaign provides a secure and accessible platform. Donations can be made online, allowing the community to come together and make a positive impact during a time of grief.


In the meantime, the digital realm has become a canvas for the outpouring of grief and support, with many of Coach Al’s students and their parents expressing their condolences on Facebook.

The STX Marlins team, a community Coach Al devoted his time and expertise to, has also conveyed their condolences, highlighting the deep sense of loss felt by both players and coaching staff.

Janie Manrique wrote: “Rip to one of my bbys first coach Al Rod ⚾️🕊 he always cheered my bby up when he would get mad and get out of the field he always believed in him ♥️

We send our sympathies to Coach Albert Rodriguez’s family and friends during this difficult time.


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