Bajram Asllani Obituary Stamford, CO, Tributes paid to Stamford resident


Bajram Asllani Obituary, Death – Bajram (Zymer) Asllani/Avdullahaj, who had reached the age of 34 at the time of his passing, has passed away in the United States of America today. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Asllani and Avdullahaj families during this difficult time. His soul is now at peace in paradise. Among the members of the family, Zymer Bajram was the only son. We would like to express our deepest condolences to the nephew and the Asllani family on the passing of their only son, Bajram Asllani. According to our large family, Bajram Asllani was originally from Lybeniqi of Peja, but he currently resides in the United States of America. It is only fitting that this young man from the family be laid to rest in paradise of all places.

Dedicated to the memory of my dear cousin and friend, who brought happiness and kindness into our lives and who will be greatly missed by all of us. We will never forget the wonderful person that you were, and the memories that we shared together will serve as a constant reminder of that. Your spirit will live on in our hearts forever. Breathe deeply and take it easy.

It came as a complete surprise to me when I awoke and saw this news! Bajram Asllani, you had the most virtuous spirit, and I am so sorry for the loss you have suffered. In your life, family and friends were of the utmost significance. You are always the first person to congratulate me and show love for my post whenever I achieve something. My posts are always loved by you. Without a doubt, I am able to state this. Apart from the fact that we don’t talk every day or every few months, you made it a point to check in on a Facebook post or simply to like it instead.

This is despite the fact that we don’t talk every day or every few months. I find this to be very distressing, and I have no doubt that Slocum is experiencing a great deal of pain. I am going to make it a point to check in on him each and every single day. You can rest assured that we will protect your reputation!!! There is never a time to say goodbye! You are always welcome to come back at a later time. I was wondering how Ben Gold, also known as BG, is doing. My name is on it. Both of us now have two Bulldog Angels who are keeping a watchful eye on where we are going. You are so wonderful, young man!