Bryant Hayman Died: Valdosta State University Mourns – BRB NEWS


Bryant Hayman

The Valdosta State University community and the town of Hoboken, Georgia, are mourning the tragic death of Bryant Hayman, a former student-athlete, who passed away on Wednesday, December 20, 2023.

Hayman, aged 31, succumbed to a prolonged illness at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. The news of his untimely passing has shocked his friends, family, and the wider community of Hoboken, where he grew up.

Bryant Hayman will be remembered not only for his academic achievements at Valdosta State University but also for his contributions to the school’s sports program. He was a former Gator Football and Baseball player and played an integral role in both teams during his time at the university.

Hayman’s dedication extended beyond the sports field. After graduating from Valdosta State University, he continued to work tirelessly to maintain his health and strength, demonstrating his commitment to excellence.

The news of Hayman’s passing has resonated deeply within the university community and his hometown. His former teammates, coaches, and teachers have expressed their sorrow and shared memories of a dedicated student, a formidable athlete, and a cherished friend.

As we remember Bryant Hayman, we acknowledge the significant impact he had on those around him. Our thoughts are with his family and the entire Valdosta State University community as they navigate this difficult time.

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