Carin Corcoran Obituary, West Greenwich RI, Exeter-West Greenwich teacher passes away


Carin Corcoran Obituary, Death – It was revealed in an email that was distributed by the administrator of the Wawaloam School in Exeter that a teacher at the school had passed suddenly on Wednesday evening. That Carin Corcoran was a teacher of first grade was suggested by a remark that was made by Superintendent James Erinakes. “She always put her students first and cared so deeply about Wawaloam School, her colleagues, EWG, and this community,” as stated by Erinakes. Furthermore, Carin’s sister is a teacher in our district,

and she has many family members who are currently enrolled in our educational institutions. Carin’s sister is also a member of our family staff. Without a doubt, each one of us will be profoundly affected by her loss. Corcoran has been working for the school system ever since the year 1999 (also known as 1999). A delay of two hours will be implemented in both of the courses that the pupils who attend Wawaloam and Metcalf schools are scheduled to attend on Tuesday.

The morning pre-kindergarten lesson that was scheduled to take place at the Lineham School has been canceled. Through the availability of clinicians and grief counselors, students will have the chance to engage in conversation with these professionals.