Caryville Resident Paul Robbins Passed Away at the Age of 82

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Caryville, Tennessee mourns the loss of a beloved resident, Paul Daniel Robbins, who tragically passed away on December 27, 2023. Remembered for his unwavering commitment to faith, family, and community, Paul’s legacy will continue to shine bright through the lives he touched.

Caryville, Tennessee – Honoring the Life of Paul Daniel Robbins

The tight-knit community of Caryville is coming together to pay tribute to the remarkable life of Paul Daniel Robbins, a cherished resident who left us all too soon. Paul, a beloved figure in the town, passed away tragically on December 27, 2023, leaving behind a legacy that will forever be etched in the hearts of those who knew him.

A Respected and Beloved Resident

Paul, aged 82, was born on April 8, 1941, to the late Frank Robbins and Lucretia Patterson Robbins. He was a man of unwavering faith, a pillar of strength in the community, and a devoted family man. His commitment to his Baptist faith was evident in his years of service as a Deacon, where he selflessly dedicated his time and energy to supporting his fellow church members.

Paul’s love for his community extended beyond the walls of the church. He was known for his kind and compassionate nature, always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need. Whether it was tending to his garden or working with his hands, Paul found solace and joy in nature, leaving a lasting impact on the environment around him.

A Tragic Loss

The news of Paul’s passing has left the community of Caryville in deep sorrow. His absence will be deeply felt by his loving wife, Janet Robbins, their daughters, Lisa Breuer and Jeanne Dople, and son-in-law Frankie. Paul’s grandchildren, Corey Breuer, Maegan Hensley, Kaleb Dople, and Mason Dople, brought immense joy to his life, and he was blessed with the presence of great-grandchildren, Ethan Carroll and Willow Hensley.

Paul’s memory will be cherished not only by his immediate family but also by a vast network of friends and relatives who were touched by his kindness and warmth. His legacy will live on through the lives he touched, and his spirit will continue to shine brightly in the hearts of those who knew him.

Paul’s Faith, Family, and Community

Paul Daniel Robbins was a man whose life was deeply rooted in his faith, family, and community. His unwavering devotion to these aspects of his life shaped him into the remarkable person he was.

Devotion to Baptist Faith

Paul’s faith was the cornerstone of his life. As a devout Baptist, he found solace and strength in his relationship with God. His commitment to his faith was evident in every aspect of his life, from his daily actions to his interactions with others. Paul’s unwavering belief in the teachings of the Bible guided him in making decisions and treating others with kindness and compassion.

Service as a Deacon

Paul’s dedication to his faith extended beyond his personal beliefs. He served as a Deacon for many years, selflessly giving his time and energy to support his fellow church members. His role as a Deacon allowed him to provide guidance, comfort, and support to those in need. Paul’s compassionate nature and willingness to serve others made a lasting impact on the lives of those he touched.

Love for Gospel and Bluegrass Music

In addition to his faith, Paul had a deep appreciation for gospel and bluegrass music. He found solace and inspiration in the melodies and lyrics that spoke to his soul. Whether he was attending church services or enjoying a quiet moment at home, Paul’s love for music was a constant source of joy and comfort in his life.

Passion for Nature and Gardening

Paul had a profound connection with nature and found peace in spending time outdoors. His love for gardening allowed him to cultivate a beautiful and serene environment around him. Tending to his garden and working with his hands brought him a sense of fulfillment and allowed him to appreciate the beauty of the natural world. Paul’s passion for nature was a reflection of his deep appreciation for the wonders of creation.

Left to Cherish His Memory

Although Paul Daniel Robbins may no longer be with us, his memory lives on in the hearts of those who loved him dearly. He leaves behind a loving family who will forever cherish the moments they shared together.

Loving Wife, Janet Robbins

At the center of Paul’s life was his loving wife, Janet Robbins. Their bond was one of unwavering love and support, built on a foundation of shared experiences and a deep connection. Janet was not only Paul’s partner in life but also his confidante and source of strength. Her unwavering presence and love provided comfort to Paul throughout their journey together.

Daughters: Lisa Breuer and Jeanne Dople

Paul was blessed with two wonderful daughters, Lisa Breuer and Jeanne Dople. They were the pride and joy of his life, and he took great pride in watching them grow into strong, independent individuals. Lisa and Jeanne inherited their father’s kind and compassionate nature, and they continue to carry his legacy forward through their own acts of love and kindness.

Son-in-Law: Frankie

Frankie, the son-in-law of Paul, was not only a beloved member of the family but also a dear friend. Paul welcomed Frankie into the family with open arms, and their bond grew stronger over the years. Frankie’s presence brought joy and laughter to Paul’s life, and he was grateful for the love and care Frankie showed to his daughters.

Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren

Paul’s life was further enriched by the presence of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Corey Breuer, Maegan Hensley, Kaleb Dople, and Mason Dople brought immense joy and happiness to Paul’s life. Their laughter and energy filled his days with love and excitement. Paul was also blessed with the presence of great-grandchildren, Ethan Carroll and Willow Hensley, who brought an extra sparkle to his eyes and a warmth to his heart.

As the family gathers to remember Paul, they find solace in the memories they shared and the love that will forever bind them together. His legacy lives on through each member of his family, and his spirit will continue to guide and inspire them in their own lives.

Visitation and Funeral Arrangements

The community of Caryville comes together to honor the life of Paul Daniel Robbins through visitation and funeral arrangements that pay tribute to his memory and provide comfort to his loved ones during this difficult time.

Visitation at Martin Wilson Funeral Home

To pay their respects and offer condolences, friends, family, and community members are invited to attend the visitation at the chapel of Martin Wilson Funeral Home. The visitation will take place on Saturday, December 30, 2023, from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM. This gathering provides an opportunity for individuals to share memories, offer support, and find solace in the presence of others who were touched by Paul’s life. The Martin Wilson Funeral Home, now located at 305 E. Beech Street in LaFollette, TN, will provide a comforting and welcoming space for all who attend.

Funeral Service Officiated by Rev. Junior Dople

A funeral service, officiated by Rev. Junior Dople, will follow the visitation at 11:00 AM. Rev. Junior Dople, a trusted spiritual leader, will guide the service, offering words of comfort, hope, and reflection. The service will be a time to celebrate Paul’s life, honor his legacy, and find strength in the shared memories and stories that highlight his impact on the community. Through prayers, hymns, and heartfelt eulogies, attendees will come together to support one another and find solace in their collective grief.

Interment at Powell Valley Cemetery

Following the funeral service, a procession will lead to Powell Valley Cemetery, where Paul will find his final resting place. The cemetery, known for its serene and peaceful surroundings, will provide a tranquil setting for family and friends to say their final goodbyes. The interment ceremony will be a solemn and intimate moment, allowing loved ones to find closure and find comfort in the knowledge that Paul’s spirit will forever be connected to the land he loved and the community he cherished.

During this time of mourning, the community stands united in support of Janet Robbins, their daughters, and the entire family. The visitation, funeral service, and interment serve as a testament to the impact Paul had on the lives of those around him. May these arrangements provide solace, healing, and a sense of closure to all who attend, as they come together to honor and remember the remarkable life of Paul Daniel Robbins.

Community Support and Comfort

In times of grief, the community of Caryville rallies together to provide unwavering support and comfort to those who are mourning the loss of Paul Daniel Robbins. The outpouring of love and compassion serves as a reminder of the strength and unity that exists within this close-knit community.

Neighbors, friends, and community members come together to offer their condolences and share in the collective sorrow. They provide a shoulder to lean on, a listening ear, and a comforting presence during this difficult time. The community understands the importance of coming together to lift each other up and provide solace to those who are grieving.

Acts of kindness and gestures of support are abundant throughout the community. From delivering meals to offering assistance with daily tasks, the community ensures that the family of Paul Robbins feels supported and cared for. The genuine compassion and empathy displayed by the community members serve as a source of strength and comfort during this challenging period.

In addition to the immediate support, the community also offers long-term assistance to help the family navigate through the grieving process. Support groups, counseling services, and resources are readily available to provide guidance and comfort to those who are mourning the loss of their beloved Paul. The community recognizes the importance of healing and offers a network of support to ensure that no one feels alone in their grief.

Through their collective efforts, the community of Caryville demonstrates the power of unity and compassion. They stand together, providing a strong foundation of support and comfort to those who are mourning the loss of Paul Robbins. In times of sorrow, the community’s unwavering presence serves as a reminder that no one has to face grief alone.

The community of Caryville, Tennessee, is mourning the loss of Paul Daniel Robbins, a beloved resident who passed away on December 27, 2023. Paul, aged 82, was a devoted man of faith, a loving family man, and an active member of his community. He will be remembered for his unwavering commitment to his Baptist faith, his love for nature, and his passion for gospel and bluegrass music. Paul leaves behind his loving wife, Janet Robbins, their daughters, Lisa Breuer and Jeanne Dople, and a network of friends and relatives who will miss him dearly. Visitation and a funeral service will be held to honor Paul’s memory, followed by interment at Powell Valley Cemetery. During this difficult time, the community stands together to support the Robbins family and find solace in the cherished memories of Paul’s life.

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