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Chloe Stott Died

The online community is currently abuzz with the news of the untimely passing of Chloe Stott, founder of Clover Skin Bar in Lindon, Utah. Despite widespread reports, official confirmation of her death is still pending.

Chloe Stott there?

Chloe Stott, a self-proclaimed acne and aging expert, started her business at age 20. She founded Clover Skin Bar after graduating from cosmetology school in August 2020. Chloe started with a business small business and later developed into a thriving medical spa. Chloe’s ambition became a reality with the help of her husband, Parker Stott, when they created the sprawling Clover Skin Bar. The duo have also recruited a team of Master Estheticians specializing in acne and anti-aging, thereby creating a unique space in the beauty and wellness business.

Evolution of Clover Skin Bar:

As Voyage Utah reports, the growth of Clover Skin Bar is a testament to Chloe’s dedication and expertise. Under her direction, the business has flourished, becoming a destination for consumers seeking effective acne and aging treatments. Chloe and Parker Stott reached a major milestone in 2022 when they expanded their medical spa, establishing themselves as a preeminent skin care destination in northern Utah.

The circumstances surrounding Chloe Cook Stott’s departure are still unknown. Many on social media believe she tragically passed away in an accident while on her way to Arizona for the holidays. According to one user, Chloe was involved in a head-on collision, although officials have not yet confirmed the authenticity of this report.

So far, there has been no official confirmation or confirmation of the reports regarding her death. The public should wait for further updates as officials are expected to provide more information about the circumstances that led to Chloe Cook Stott’s death.

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