Chloe Stott Obituary, Wickenburg AZ Car Crash Killed Chloe Stott, This December


Chloe Stott Obituary, Death Cause – In the face of unimaginable loss, Chloe Stott, a resilient 17-year-old student at Turton College, has emerged as a beacon of strength and inspiration. At just 14 years old, Chloe’s world was forever changed when her beloved mother, Lesley Shawcross, passed away at the tender age of 40, less than a year after discovering a lump in her breast. Now, with unwavering determination, Chloe is organizing her first significant fundraiser, a poignant tribute to the memory of her mother and a heartfelt effort to support the causes that meant so much to her.

Chloe’s upcoming charity night, scheduled for Friday, is not only a testament to her mother’s enduring influence but also a powerful expression of resilience and compassion. The event aims to raise funds for Bolton Hospice, the institution that provided compassionate care to Lesley Shawcross during her challenging battle with breast cancer. Additionally, Chloe has chosen to support Chemo Mums, a local cause dedicated to assisting parents undergoing cancer treatment, a cause close to her mother’s heart.

Reflecting on her motivation, Chloe shares, This is my first big thing, I think my mum would be proud. I think about her all the time, not an hour goes by, her memory is very much alive. Doing stuff like this helps, it’s something to focus on. My mum inspires me; she was always happy and positive. Lesley Shawcross, a source of inspiration and positivity for those around her, discovered a lump in August 2007 and was diagnosed with breast cancer the following month. Despite undergoing treatment, the disease progressed to her liver and bones, leading to her passing at Bolton Hospice in May 2008.