Dacia Fusaro Obituary, Portland Oregon, Family Mourns Passing of Beloved


Dacia Fusaro Obituary, Death – Only by repeatedly exposing ourselves to annihilation can we discover the indestructible within us,” as stated by Pema Chödrön. Nearly six months ago, I experienced the profound loss of my beloved husband. In that very moment, the life I once knew and cherished underwent an instant and profound transformation.

People often say that grief is the cost of love. I remind myself of this on days when my grief seems like an unwelcome visitor overstaying its welcome, and I fear it will never depart. My sorrow is merely a reflection of the deep love I shared. It belongs. The capacity to love intensely is the flip side of the same coin that allows for deep and profound grieving. Grief has left me exposed, hollowed out, shedding layers of frivolity and excess I never knew existed. It has pared me down to my essential core, unveiling a reservoir of inner strength that was only fleetingly glimpsed before. Loss has brought forth revelations, illuminating a different path forward.

Death stands as one of the few inescapable, universal truths, yet we often shy away from it. We shield much of its aftermath from view, perhaps in the same spirit of the tough, self-reliant mentality that many of us carry through life. However, grief is a force with its own gravity. It insists on being acknowledged, insists on being felt, and it cannot be rationalized away.