Donnie Smith Obituary Who Was Donnie Smith? What Happened to Donnie Smith?


Donnie Smith was killed on December 6, outside a Kroger Supermarket and has become the subject of significant media and public outrage since. This article delves deeper into this incident, exploring who was involved, its cause, its aftermath on his family and community and more.

Donnie Smith, 53 at the time of his death, was widely respected and known as an attentive father and loving partner to Nicole Evans for two decades. Deemed “an amazing person” by Evans, Smith shared deep bonds with both of his children; 15-year-old son and six-year-old daughter being the epicenters. Smith’s unexpected demise has created a vacuum in those who knew him; leaving an immeasurable hole behind for all who loved and dedicated themselves to his family in his wake.

What Happened to Donnie Smith?

On December 6th, Donnie Smith became the victim of a violent altercation outside a Kroger Supermarket in Columbus. This tragedy followed an exchange within the store between Smith and three individuals: Jamarion Fredrae Evans-Bennett (19), Dionta Davon Hughes (18) and Jayden Agee (17), who are all said to have waited outside until Smith exited before attacking him viciously – this incident being caught on security footage as these individuals followed Smith outside before beginning a brutal assault that ultimately claimed his tragic demise.

How Did Donnie Smith Die?

Donnie Smith was attacked with extreme violence. According to police reports and witness accounts, a group stomped, kicked, and punched him until he fell unconscious and started bleeding profusely from his head. Only when an armed witness intervened urging them to stop was the brutal beating halted; unfortunately Smith sustained severe injuries that led to him later being discovered lifeless near a pharmacy drive-thru at his supermarket – marking an unsettling end to what began as an ordinary visit.

Legacy of Donnie Smith

Donnie Smith’s death has sparked an outpouring of sorrow and support from his loved ones and community alike. Nicole Evans spoke out about its devastating impact, emphasizing Smith’s role as an incredible father whose life revolved around his children. To respond to this tragedy, family and friends created a GoFundMe page in memory of Donnie – providing assurance for his children after such an unexpected and violent act took place – showing our solidarity while honoring him forever. This initiative serves as testament to Donnie Smith’s lasting impact both on those whose lives it touched.

Donnie Smith’s tragic demise serves as a tragic reminder of how sudden violence can tear families apart in an instant. His story, filled with love and devotion before an abrupt and violent ending, resonates deeply within the community and beyond. While his loved ones grieve his passing, their memories of Donnie as an affectionate father and partner continue to inspire warmth even amid mourning his absence.