Dublin Man Jay Hennessy Unharmed in Christmas Eve Shooting at Blanchardstown Restaurant


In a shocking incident, Dublin man Jason ‘Jay’ Hennessy is said to be unharmed in a shooting that took place at a restaurant in Blanchardstown on Christmas Eve. This news has spread on social networks, although there has been no official confirmation of Hennessy’s involvement in the incident.

Previous encounters with law enforcement

Hennessy, a well-known figure in the Dublin community, has had run-ins with the law in the past. He once faced charges for failing to disclose information about the driver and location of his 4X4 vehicle after an accident that left two men in intensive care. In another case, he was accused of using Snapchat to intimidate witnesses.

Respond to incidents

The shooting caused a wave of reactions on various platforms. A video discussing the incident has attracted more than 1.8 thousand views on YouTube. However, amid the chaos, it’s important to note that Hennessy was reportedly uninjured during the incident.


While the details surrounding the shooting are still emerging, it has certainly left the Blanchardstown community in shock. As authorities continue to investigate, the public awaits more clarity on the incident and the extent of Hennessy’s involvement.