Edwards Air Force Base Lockdown: Swift Action Ensures Safety


Earlier today, Edwards Air Force Base was placed on lockdown around 8:26 a.m. after reports of an individual brandishing a gun in their workspace. This incident prompted immediate action by the base’s security forces, who quickly cordoned off the area and initiated safety procedures.

Response and protocol

Upon receiving the alarming report, security staff quickly handled the situation. Meanwhile, all base personnel are advised to comply with the unit’s safety lockdown procedures until further notice.

The lockdown has been lifted

After an update at 10:10 a.m., Edwards Air Force Base security concluded that there was no longer an immediate threat. The blockade has been lifted and personnel are allowed to move freely around the installation and through all gates.

High security is maintained

Even after the lifting of the blockade, security forces maintained a high level of security at every gate. Everyone is asked to expect delays in departure and arrival due to increased security measures.

Edwards Air Force Base (AFB) is a United States Air Force facility located primarily in Kern County, California. It is home to the Air Force Test Center, the Air Force Test Pilot School, and NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center. The base played a key role in many notable events, including Chuck Yeager’s flight breaking the sound barrier and the first landing of the Space Shuttle