Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Mourns the Loss of Lt. Baron Cortopassi, How did he die?


The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office is grappling with the tragic loss of one of their respected officers, Lieutenant Baron Cortopassi. Known for his exceptional knowledge, kindness, and steadfast respect for others, Lieutenant Cortopassi’s untimely passing had a profound impact on both the community and his fellow officers. him, leaving an irreplaceable void.

Who is Lieutenant Baron Cortopass?

Hailing from Eastpoint, Florida, Lieutenant Baron Cortopassi is an active member of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office. Known for his dedication to duty, profound kindness, and profound respect for others, Cortopassi exemplified the values ​​of law enforcement service. His colleagues speak highly of him and he is deeply committed to ensuring the well-being of those around him.

Equally important is his love for his family, evident in his interactions with others. Those who knew him describe Cortopassi as a strong, thoughtful individual whose presence will be sorely missed.

Throughout his law enforcement career, Lieutenant Cortopassi was known for his tireless dedication to service. His exceptional knowledge and expertise are invaluable assets to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, and his commitment to his duties is an inspiration to his colleagues.

Cortopass’s compassion and respect for others extended beyond his professional life, influencing his personal relationships and fostering a deep sense of community within the Sheriff’s Office. police chief. His loss leaves a significant void that is deeply felt by all who had the privilege of working alongside him.

Kimberly Chiasson Chamberlain

I’ve known Cort since I was a teenager because I was best friends with his daughter Desi. Back then, he was like a father to me and when I went to work at LPSO, he was even more like a father to me there. He was greatly missed in retirement but always appeared when our company was in trouble. The last time I saw him and hugged him was at Nick’s funeral, he was standing behind me in line to get into the church. He was always great at bringing peace in difficult times. He was a wonderful, strong and caring person and will be missed by all!! Love Baron Cortopassi 😘❤️

According to an official statement released by the Sheriff’s Office, Lt. Cortopass passed away due to a short illness. Reports indicated that he had been hospitalized a few weeks earlier due to an undisclosed health issue, which unfortunately caused his death.

As we mourn the passing of Lt. Baron Cortopassi, we remember his remarkable contributions to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office and the community he served. His dedication, kindness and respect for others will continue to inspire those who knew him and followed his illustrious career.

Aaron Arab


A few weeks ago, I spoke with Christine Cortopass about her husband Baron Cortopass being hospitalized. Both of these fine men were my colleagues and friends for many years at the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office. There’s never a dull moment when Cort is around. He takes his job seriously but never takes it seriously. They then moved to Florida, where Baron continued his law enforcement career. Unfortunately, today I received a call informing me that Baron (aka Cort) passed away. One of the last times I saw Cort in person was right after Hurricane Ida. A police car from Florida came to my house and it was Cort, checking on my family and me. He’s just that kind of person. Always check on your fellow human beings. Rest in peace in Peace Cort, many will remember you as you touched so many lives near and far. Praying for Christine and her family as they get through this difficult time.

We extend our deepest condolences to the family, friends and officers of Cortopass during this challenging time. May his legacy continue to shine brightly in the field of law enforcement, inspiring future generations to serve with unwavering dedication and compassion.