Gabriel Stewart Death: 24-year-old Pizza Delivery Driver Fatally Shot in Oakley


In a shocking incident, 24-year-old pizza delivery driver Gabriel Stewart was shot dead in front of his home in Oakley. The investigation into this horrific event is currently underway as local law enforcement seeks to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Gabriel Stewart, a young man with a promising future, was a beloved member of the Oakley community. Known for his friendly demeanor and dedication to his work, Stewart’s untimely death left a void in the hearts of all who knew him. At the time of the incident, his mother was in the house, making the tragedy even more heartbreaking.

Gabriel Stewart is employed as a pizza delivery driver, a job he performs with diligence and enthusiasm. Despite the often abusive nature of his job, he took pride in his role, serving his community with a smile on his face. His commitment to his work added an additional shock and sadness to his untimely passing.

On that fateful Wednesday afternoon, Stewart was sitting in his car outside his residence when he was approached by someone getting out of another car. The suspect fired several shots at close range, causing serious injuries. Following the incident, police were immediately contacted and arrived at the scene, only to confirm the tragic death of Gabriel Stewart.

The Oakley Police Department, in collaboration with the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office Crime Lab, is conducting a thorough investigation into Stewart’s death, seeking to identify and apprehend the two suspects involved in the incident. They are urging anyone with surveillance footage or information relating to the event to contact Det. Dombrouski at 925-325-6670.

The passing of Gabriel Stewart sent shockwaves through the Oakley community, highlighting the senseless violence that can shatter lives in an instant. As the investigation continues, the community stands together in hope for justice and peace, remembering Gabriel for his service, his smile and his unwavering dedication to his work.