Gary Richards Obituary, San Jose California Mr. Roadshow Has Sadly Passed Away


Gary Richards Obituary, Death Cause – For millions of Bay Area motorists, the daily commute is often a daunting mix of gridlock, rude drivers, mistimed signals, and potholes. However, for more than three decades, they had a tireless advocate in Gary Richards, widely known as Mr. Roadshow, who not only heard their grievances but actively worked to address them through his columns in the Mercury News and Bay Area News Group. On Sunday, at the age of 72, Gary Richards passed away after a prolonged battle with a degenerative muscle and nerve disease, leaving behind a legacy of community service and advocacy that has transformed the region’s transportation landscape.

Born in Dubuque, Iowa, on September 2, 1951, Richards’ journey in journalism and community service began at Iowa State University, where he earned a degree in political science. It was during this time that he discovered his passion for journalism while covering sports for the student newspaper. Fate intervened, introducing him to Jan, the love of his life, who was an undergraduate student writing state news at the same publication.

Richards’ path in journalism took him through the halls of academia, where he pursued a graduate degree in journalism, cementing his commitment to storytelling and community engagement. Little did he know that his passion for journalism and his love for Jan would become the foundation of a remarkable career that would positively impact countless lives in the Bay Area.

His journalistic journey eventually led him to the Bay Area News Group, where he became a driving force behind the Mr. Roadshow column. Richards’ deep commitment to his readers manifested in his tireless efforts to address their concerns, answer their questions, and bring attention to transportation issues that affected their daily lives. The bond he formed with his readers was special, and he became more than just a columnist he became a trusted friend and advocate for the community.

Perhaps fittingly, Richards’ final column graced the pages on the day of his passing, a testament to his unwavering dedication to his craft and the community he served. Sarah Dussault, senior editor of the Bay Area News Group, highlighted Richards’ impact, noting that our roads are safer, and commutes smoother thanks to his advocacy through the Mr. Roadshow column.