Isabel Lawson Missing Model, PPD searching for missing 24-year-old


Isabel Lawson Missing Model – On Tuesday, a woman who is 24 years old and who ran away from a treatment clinic for addiction in Pensacola has been relocated to Mobile, Alabama, where the hunt for her has been prolonged. It was reported by WEAR News on Wednesday that Isabel Lawson has been reported missing after she escaped from the Pensacola institution in a stealthy manner. The last time she was seen was at a Circle K that was conveniently positioned nearby.

Since then, her parents, the Pensacola Police Department, and an anti-trafficking organization known as The Shepherds have been undertaking a search for her on behalf of the organization. Lawson’s parents provided an update to WEAR News on Thursday, stating that security tape showed Isabel at a gas station in Mobile on Wednesday afternoon, where she was accompanied by a homeless man. The video was submitted to WEAR News.

In spite of the fact that the Shepherds were successful in establishing communication with the person on Thursday morning, the hunt for Isabel is still ongoing. You are strongly invited to contact the Shepherds at the number (929) 346-3663 or the local police if you have any information regarding Isabel’s whereabouts.