Jayden Jensen Obituary Idaho, Missing 16 years old found dead


Jayden Jensen Obituary, Death – Jayden Jensen’s father is indeed Shawn Jensen. Jayden Jensen is his son. In the vicinity of Blackfoot, on December 6, Jayden was duck hunting with his companions when he accidentally fell into the Snake River, which was 39 degrees at the time. This happened approximately three days ago. An immediate response was made by Search and Rescue, which searched for the rest half of the day utilizing infrared-equipped helicopters, planes, boats, and they even searched on foot. On the other hand, they were unable to search for any results.

On December 7, the Search and Rescue crews arrived once more at eight o’clock in the morning, this time with more divers. Throughout the day, despite the stinging wind and the rain, they looked for the missing person, but they were unsuccessful. In addition, the hunt was aided by a large number of friends and family members who came alongside to assist. Additional assistance in the search for the missing person was provided by Shoshone fish and Wildlife, who were located on the southern side of the river. Bonneville County enthusiastically participated in the search that had been going on throughout the day before the 8th of December; nevertheless, there has been no result. There is a consensus among all of the teams that they will keep looking for Jayden’s body until it is discovered.

It is recommended that you give considerable consideration to donating to the memorial and funeral fund for Jayden. The purpose of this is to assist in financing the primary costs involved with the funeral and burial, which vary from six thousand to eight thousand dollars on average. Every kind of insurance policy, except for a specific individual’s life insurance or funeral insurance policy, does not cover the expenses that are related with obtaining funeral assistance. As a result, Jayden’s father will be the one who is responsible for paying all of the fees out of his funds.

Today marks a significant milestone for the Jayden’s Memorial fund, as we have come close to reaching 75% of our target amount. The generosity of every person who has contributed in such a selfless manner is deeply appreciated by me. Present as of the 23rd of December: As of this moment, our community has not only achieved what we had set out to do, but we have also beyond it! Having the opportunity to witness the love that has been displayed by a huge number of highly qualified individuals has been an immensely emotional experience.

I have been warned by a number of my close friends and acquaintances that the costs connected with funerals can be higher than I had anticipated, particularly when gravestones, burial plots, and other items are included in the cost. We have decided to prolong the time of this fundraising event to provide those persons who have not yet had the chance to contribute with the option to do so.