Joseph Hartey Obituary, Elkins Park PA, What Happened To Joseph Hartey?


Joseph Hartey Obituary, Death Cause – In the quiet embrace of Rabbit Lake, Saskatchewan, a remarkable soul named Joseph George Harty graced the world on August 13, 1932. With a heavy heart, the Harty family announces the passing of their beloved patriarch on June 21, 2021. Joe’s journey was one defined by love, family, and an enduring legacy that will be cherished for generations to come.

Joe’s life was woven with the threads of genuine connections, and at the heart of this tapestry was his unwavering love for his wife of 63 years, Grace Harty. Together, they navigated the journey of life hand in hand, creating a foundation of love that stood as a beacon for their five children: Jeff (Sue), Todd (Marilyn), Tracy, Rhoda (Tim), and Roxanne.

As a devoted father, Joe imparted valuable life lessons and provided unwavering support, shaping the destinies of his children. The echoes of his wisdom and the warmth of his love continue to resonate in the hearts of his 11 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren, who were the source of immeasurable joy and pride for Joe.

Family was the cornerstone of Joe’s existence, and his love extended beyond his immediate circle. A cherished brother to one brother and two sisters, Joe cultivated connections that transcended time and distance. His ability to foster deep bonds with relatives and friends was a testament to the genuine and compassionate nature that defined him.

Joe’s life was a testament to the importance of finding joy in the simple pleasures, and he approached every day with a contagious sense of humor. Laughter was the soundtrack of family gatherings, where Joe’s witty remarks and jovial spirit created an atmosphere of warmth and unity.