Josh Corey “JC Obituary, Death Notice and Service Information


Josh Corey “JC Obituary, Death – Throughout the evening of Wednesday, December 27, 2023, Josh Corey “JC” died away in a calm and tranquil manner in his residence in Turner, Oregon. His children, Colton Corey, who is 14 years old, Zaelynn Corey, who is 16 years old, and his stepdaughter Alexis Federico, as well as his mother, Debbie Corey, his brother Chris Corey, his sister Erica (Corey) Milioni, and his grandmother Sandra Winkle, are among those who are left behind. In addition to this, he is survived by thirteen nieces and nephews, two great-nephews, two great-nieces, extended family members, and a large number of acquaintances whom he considers to be brothers. Both his grandfather, Glen Winkle, and his father, Robin Corey, passed away before he took his own life.

The outdoors provided Josh with a great deal of relief. Hunting, fishing, and riding motorcycles were three activities that he particularly enjoyed. It was his children whom he loved the most in the world. It was his recent motorbike ride on Highway 20 from Newport, Oregon to Boston, Massachusetts that he considers to be his most valued accomplishment. All of the friends that he made along the road, including Diane, Kickin’ Cancer, and everyone else, are to be thanked for making the trip not only feasible but also incredible.

Aside from Josh’s resilience and sense of humor, which not even his sickness could take away from him, the word that best describes him is determined, not just through his final months of life but throughout his whole existence. Even in the most difficult times of his life and while we were crying, he would utilize his wit to make us laugh to our core. For him, it was crucial to see the smiles of the people he loved.
It is because of this that we have decided to grin today.

There are frequent conversations that take place when people are passing away about what their dying wish would be or what they would want for those who are left behind after they have passed away. Josh is fortunate in that we are aware of the response. And he wants us to spend our lives with determination—determined to laugh and find joy in life; determined to travel, see things, and do things; determined to embrace nature and surround ourselves with tranquility. He wants us to be determined to smile even when things are difficult.