Lt. Baron Cortopassi death, Sergeant at Franklin county sheriff’s office passed away after a brief illness


Baron Cortopassi

“The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office is reeling from the devastating loss of their esteemed officer, Lt. Baron Cortopassi from Eastpoint, Florida Renowned for his exceptional knowledge, kindness, and unwavering respect for others, Lt. Cortopassi leaves a legacy marked by dedication and compassion.

His untimely passing has profoundly impacted both the community and his fellow members, leaving an irreplaceable void. He was an amazing, strong, and caring person and will be missed by all. Let us extend our thoughts and prayers to the family of Baron Cortopassi. Further details surrounding his passing and the cause of his death are explored ahead.”

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) finds itself in a state of profound sorrow with the passing of one of its cherished members, Lt. Cortopassi, affectionately referred to as Cort.

Regarded as a stalwart figure within the department, Cort was celebrated for his unwavering commitment to his responsibilities and his unwavering support for his colleagues.

His dedication to duty extended beyond the precinct, as he held a deep and abiding love for his family, a sentiment that resonated strongly with everyone who had the privilege of knowing him.

Franklin County Sheriff’s Office posted,

Our hearts are hurting as FCSO is mourning the loss of our very own, Lt. Cortopassi.  Please keep his family & work family in your thoughts and prayers.

Cause of death

Under the official statement released by the Sheriff’s Office, it has been confirmed that Lt. Cortopassi succumbed to an illness. Reports indicate that he had been admitted to the hospital a few weeks ago due to an undisclosed health issue that eventually led to his passing.

The sudden loss of such a dedicated and esteemed member has cast a pall over the entire community and the law enforcement fraternity, leaving an indelible void that will be keenly felt by all who had the honor of working alongside him.


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