Media Artist Kit Porter Passes Away At 40 – BRB NEWS


The art world is mourning the loss of one of its brightest talents, Kit Porter, who passed away on December 23, 2023, after a courageous battle with breast cancer.

Born Katharine Lea Coleman on March 21, 1983 in Wilmington, North Carolina, Porter is known for her innovative and captivating mixed media artwork. Her work is admired for the depth, creativity and unique perspective it brings to the viewer.

Porter’s life took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite the challenges she faced, she remained resilient, showing remarkable courage and strength throughout her fight.

Porter’s untimely passing left her family, friends, and entire artistic community devastated. She will be remembered not only for her significant contributions to the field of mixed media arts but also for her resilience, courage and steadfast spirit.

In remembering Porter, we also honor her legacy that will continue to inspire upcoming artists. Her work will live on, reminding us of her talent, passion and indomitable spirit.

In short, the passing of Kit Porter is a significant loss to the art world. Her talent, courage and tenacity will be remembered fondly by all who knew her and were touched by her work.

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