Missing Fayetteville teen girl rescued from trap door in Kentucky man’s home


Missing Fayetteville Teen Girl Rescued – The location of a young person who had been reported missing in North Carolina was discovered in Lincoln County on Monday as a result of a call that came from within the county lines. A citation stated that Zackary Jones’ mother had called the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office to report an altercation that had taken place between her son and his “girlfriend.” Additionally, the citation stated that the altercation had taken place. On the other hand, when the authorities first arrived, they found nothing but Jones’s possessions inside the residence.

Jones told the authorities that his “girlfriend” had fled the scene, but Jones’ mother told the police that she had never left the house. Jones’ mother was the one who reported the incident to the authorities. Jones allegedly led deputies into the residence and led them through the various rooms when he attempted to dump drug paraphernalia that was in plain sight into a wood stove in the bedroom. However, the deputies were unable to find the wood heater. The officers were able to bring him under control and place him inside a cruiser while they continued their search of the property. Both of these events occurred simultaneously.

According to the citation, the police found her after they found her inside a trap door that was hidden under a rug in the bedroom. Their discovery led them to her. She was a girl from Fayetteville, North Carolina, who was 16 years old at the time of her disappearance, which was reported on December 6th. By describing her as being incredibly high, the officers were able to identify her as the desired individual.

Jones had been choking her, having sexual contact with her, and assaulting her, according to the statement that she provided to the authorities. Based on the information provided in the citation, Jones is being accused of feigning to be 19 years old in order to establish communication with the minor. In the course of their first meeting, which took place in North Carolina, he disclosed to her that he was 25 years elderly. In spite of this, she found out that he was actually 34 years old when she arrived in Lincoln County and spoke with his family.

Jones is accused of making several threats to shoot or murder the teenager and instructing her to tell everyone that she was 18 years old. The charges are based on the fact that Jones made these threats. According to the statement that she provided to the authorities, he was discovered to be in possession of a weapon that had a caliber of.22 bullets. It is mentioned in the citation that the adolescent was apparently with Jones for a period of twenty-five days after he was removed from the state of North Carolina.