Patrick Lococo Motorcycle Accident Texas, Victim died in a tragic accident


Patrick Lococo Obituary, Death – Most of you have already heard by now that Patrick Lococo was involved in a horrific accident on Wednesday morning and sadly passed away as a result of his injuries. As you can probably understand, she is in desperate need of our love and support at this very moment. Although the initial response is to run to Tifani and her family at this difficult and sad event, it is important to remember that they are mourning and to allow them the time and space they require at this juncture. Please be cognizant of this fact. For his mother, Patrick was the brightest and most beautiful little kid in the world.

He was the light of her life. His older brother Logan was his favorite person to build dirt motorcycles and four-wheelers with, and he frequently rode them. The untimely loss caused the family to be unprepared for the expenses that would be incurred for the burial arrangements, the replacement of the family automobile, and the fact that she would be out of work for an indeterminate amount of time. I have included links to her Venmo, Cashapp, and Meal Train accounts at the bottom of this post to assist her with the hardships that she is currently experiencing.

Bible verse: Matthew 5:4. Those who are in mourning are blessed because they will be comforted afterwards.
Psalm 34:18-19 is the passage. When someone’s spirit is shattered, the LORD comes to their rescue. He is close to those who are brokenhearted. Even if the upright person is confronted with a multitude of challenges, the LORD is always there to save them.