Peg Mckamey Obituary Who Was Peg Bean? How Did Peg Bean Die?


Peg Bean was an iconic Southern Gospel singer renowned for her band The McKameys’ performances that touched thousands across America with their music. When news of her passing spread through the community, fans and fellow musicians mourned. Peg’s life and career stood as testament to her faith and dedication to Gospel music – this article explores her journey, its effects, and what legacy she leaves behind.

Who Was Peg Bean?

Peg Bean was more than a singer; she represented faith and perseverance on the Southern Gospel music scene. Born into a family with an abiding passion for gospel music, Peg began her musical career singing in East Tennessee where her passion flourished through The McKameys (an iconic gospel band). Alongside her sisters and Ruben’s church performance at Ruben’s, Peg and her team became dedicated full-time preachers of their message via song – becoming The McKameys themselves in East Tennessee where her career took flight with their performances at Ruben’s church (to begin spreading their faith through song).

Peg Bean was at the core of The McKameys in the 1980s, leading them to prominence with her unique and emotive gospel music style. Her voice served not just as an instrument; it was used masterfully to connect and uplift audiences. Her dedication to her craft and unfaltering faith were visible during every performance – inspiring many who witnessed it live.

What Happened to Peg Bean?

Peg Bean was part of The McKameys for over four decades, traveling extensively throughout the U.S. sharing music and faith. Their soulful renditions such as “I Have a Home” and “I Made It By Grace” touched audiences profoundly. But due to an overwhelming response from fans worldwide, this family band decided to end its run at Knoxville Civic Auditorium on November 9th 2019 before concluding their journey as family band members.

Peg’s journey was not without difficulty. On December 11th it was announced via social media that she had been hospitalized due to suffering a stroke, leaving family, friends and fans alike anxious for updates about her well-being.

On Tuesday morning, The McKameys shared with us their tragic news: Peg Bean had passed away as a result of complications related to her stroke. On social media they posted this heart-wrenching update stating “Early this morning Ms. Peg went home to be with Her Lord after singing about Him for many years”. With this news came an end to an era in Southern Gospel music history.

Peg Bean’s death represented more than just the loss of an artist; it marked the departure of a spiritual guide and source of hope for many. Her music had provided comfort and inspiration to countless individuals; with no replacement in sight it has left a gap that will likely never be filled. As evidence of its deep impact upon both family members and members of gospel music enthusiast communities alike. The band requested continued prayers for Peg’s family in an outpouring of sympathy from them all.

Legacy Leave Behind

Peg Bean left her legacy not only in records and CDs that feature her voice but also through touching lives through music. Her devotion to her faith and craft cemented her place as one of the premier voices in Southern Gospel music, touching lives far beyond any stage or pulpit – leaving an indelible mark upon our culture that words alone cannot describe.

Peg Bean and The McKameys’ journey was one of faith, hope, and music’s transformative power. From humble roots in East Tennessee to becoming nationally acclaimed gospel group was testament to their devotion both to faith and music – with Peg’s voice continuing to live on through songs she sang and the lives she touched.

As family and band members mourn this loss, the lack of funeral information at this time suggests a private process of mourning; nonetheless, Peg Bean will certainly be honored through her music as well as through the faith she so passionately expressed throughout her lifetime.