Riley Cotter Obituary Manotick Ottawa, Two missing young Barrhaven residents drowned in Rideau River


Riley Cotter Obituary, Ahmed Haitham Obituary, Death – The untimely passing of our family friend, Ahmed Haitham, who was a young man who was about to graduate in February 2024. He had dreams of becoming a police officer and was even being recruited for positions in the police force. On the evening of Wednesday, December 27th, Ahmed and his buddies had left their house to go skateboarding at Nicolls Island. Because of the warmer weather, the ice had begun to melt with only a few nights having passed since a green Christmas. Upon arriving at the river, Ahmed was merely attempting to take advantage of his winter break by spending time with his pals.

He barely walked a few steps on the ice before the ice cracked, which was bad because he had just arrived at the river and put on his skates at nine o’clock in the evening. While trying to swim in the pitch-black darkness, Ahmed and his buddies fought for their lives while wearing heavy winter leggings and coats. They also wore heavy skates. Try to visualize what it was like for them. Not only was Ahmed a remarkable swimmer, but he was also capable of both holding his own and saving someone else. While he was in the icy water, he was battling to save his buddies as well as his own life. The unfortunate news is that Ahmed and one of his buddies did not make it out of the situation.

Even though they are still in shock, Ahmed’s parents are screaming out his name and asking, “Oh Ahmed, where have you gone?” This money will be used solely for the expenses associated with the funeral and burial, and it will also assist the family in reducing the weight of their debt. You are aware that growing costs, exorbitant mortgages or rent, and pricey grocery prices are all factors. Your assistance is required by the family at this challenging period that every Canadian is going through due to the state of our economy.