Robert Drake Obituary, Longview TX Person Robert Drake Has Died


Robert Drake Obituary, Death Cause – Monday, July 31, 2023, marked the peaceful departure of a remarkable individual, Robert “Bob” Drake, at the age of 93. A man of diverse roles and unwavering dedication, Bob’s legacy extends far beyond the span of years he spent on this earth. As we come together to reflect on his life, we celebrate not only the profound impact he made but also the enduring spirit that will continue to inspire those who were fortunate enough to know him.

Bob’s journey began in Portland, Maine, in 1938, where the foundation of a life marked by resilience, dedication, and service was laid. Following his high school years, Bob embraced a calling to serve his country, proudly joining the U.S. Air Force. Stationed at the Blaine Air Force Station, he demonstrated his commitment to duty and a sense of patriotism that would resonate throughout his life.

A self-made man in the truest sense, Bob embraced a multitude of roles over the years, leaving an indelible mark in each endeavor. A skilled businessman, he navigated the complexities of the professional world as a Sheet Metal Worker at the Local 46 for over 30 years. His craftsmanship and dedication earned him respect among peers and left an imprint on the industry.

In addition to his career, Bob answered the call to serve once again, this time in the National Guard, dedicating over 10 years to the service of his community and country. His unwavering commitment and sense of duty reflected the values he held dear throughout his life.