Royce Brown Obituary, In Loving Memory Of Royce Brown


Royce Brown Obituary, Death – The past two weeks have been a tumultuous journey for our family, as our world was unexpectedly turned upside down on the morning of December 6th with the sudden passing of our beloved father, Royce Brown. The emotional rollercoaster we’ve experienced since that day is indescribable, and there are no words that can fully capture the pain and sorrow that have engulfed our hearts.

The void left by Dad’s absence is profound, and the realization that we can no longer pick up the phone to hear his voice is an unimaginable ache. The pain is overwhelming, but amidst the grief, there is a sense of pride in our tone as we reflect on the incredible man our father was. Dad took immense pride in his three boys, and he never let an opportunity pass without reminding us of that. His pride and the happiness he shared with us bring a bittersweet smile to our faces, even in these difficult times.

Ashtyn, Rowan, and Benjamin, his grandchildren, have lost an extraordinary grandpa whose presence brought joy and love into their lives. Though it’s challenging to find reasons to smile since his departure, the memories we shared with our father will be our saving grace as time passes and our hearts begin to heal. Dad was not just our hero and mentor; he was our best friend.

In honor of our father, we, the three brothers, have decided to create a GoFundMe to assist with the unexpected expenses that accompany such a situation. Additionally, we plan to use the donations to organize a celebration of life for Dad, providing an opportunity for everyone who knew him to come together, share stories, and remember him collectively. The date and time for this event are still to be determined, as the grieving process has not allowed us a moment to plan it all out.

Your support during this challenging time means the world to us, and we appreciate every gesture of kindness. As we navigate this difficult journey, we will do our best to carry on Dad’s legacy by thinking of him and smiling every day. The link to the GoFundMe page is provided below, and we are grateful for any assistance you can offer.[GoFundMe Link]  Thank you for standing by us during this trying time, and we will make sure to announce the details of the celebration of life once they are finalized.