Shannon Coffey Missing, Searching For Shannon Coffey, A Plea For Information


Shannon Coffey Missing – In a concerning turn of events, Shannon Coffey, a woman of Aboriginal appearance, with a height ranging from 165 to 170cm, and a thin build, has gone missing. Desperate for any leads, authorities have released key details about Shannon’s physical appearance and last known whereabouts. Shannon, with her distinctive features, sports a brown complexion, black hair often styled in a high bun, and brown eyes that hold the mystery of her last known movements.

Notably, she has a tattoo on her right arm bearing the word ‘Sister,’ a potentially identifying mark for anyone who may have come into contact with her. The 16th of December 2023 marked a crucial point in Shannon’s timeline, as she was last seen at Lithgow Railway Station at 1:30 pm. Her frequent use of the train line in Western Sydney suggests a pattern that might aid in locating her. The worry surrounding her disappearance has spurred a collective effort to find Shannon, and authorities are urging anyone with information to come forward.

For those who may have seen Shannon or know of her current whereabouts, please contact Lithgow Police Station at 6352 8399 or Bathurst on 6332 8699. Your information could be the key to reuniting Shannon with her loved ones and bringing peace to a concerned community. Let us join hands and ensure that Shannon Coffey’s story concludes with a safe return home.