Stephanie Jackson Obituary, A Talented Chef has passed away


Stephanie Jackson Obituary, Death – Calmly and peacefully, Stephanie Elizabeth Jackson went away, surrounded by an amazing amount of affection from those who were close to her as well as those who were far away. Throughout her three-year fight against brain cancer, she displayed an astounding level of grace, bravery, and determination throughout the entirety of her fight. She could bring comfort to those who were in her immediate vicinity and to shed light on herself to anyone who had the good fortune to know her. Her remarkable spirit allowed her to do both of these things.

Carolyn McIntyre, her mother, and her grandparents, Diane and Kenneth Rowe, showered her with care from the moment she began her life. She was born on February 9th, 1983 in Toledo, Ohio, and her mother and grandparents were her parents. They were the ones who gave her the sustenance that her Catholic religion required, and she has remained an active member of the church up until the present day. Through her relationship with God, she was able to find the peace that she needed in order to tackle the inexplicable.

Leon William, Camille Diane, and Eliot McIntyre are the three children that she would be leaving behind if she decides to depart. It was impossible for them to have a more loving mother than she lived. It is impossible to count the number of joyful recollections that she has of the life that she shared with her husband, Dan Jackson. Over the course of nearly nine years, she was a devoted wife to him.

Due to the fact that she was a wonderful sister, her five younger siblings, Jessica (Alex) Scher, Alison (Justin) Jacobs, Olivia Sodd, Zachary Bernhoft, and Bennett Bernhoft, as well as her sister-in-law, Sarah Jackson, will never forget her name. Not only was she a good listener, but she also loved without limitations and exhibited what it is to fully respect another person on a personal level. Her husband’s parents, George and Ronnie Jackson, had a profound affection for her, and the affection existed on both sides of the relationship. She was not only a fantastic aunt to her three nieces, but she was also the most wonderful Godmother, a position that she held in the highest regard. Her nieces will always remember her for both of these roles.

There were a number of father figures and male role models that Stephanie had throughout her upbringing. Some of these individuals include Daniel Spaulding, Jeff Sodd, Bob Bernhoft, Danny Meyer, Andy Stern, John Rigos, and George Jackson. A number of other father figures and male role models were available to Stephanie, in addition to her father who was already in heaven. The emotional impact that they made on her was so profound that she felt an overwhelming sense of appreciation.

She received degrees from both Miami University and the Culinary Institute of America; she graduated from St. Ursula Academy in 2001 and also holds a degree from Miami University. Both of these institutions are located in the United States. She is currently residing in Chapel Hill, which is situated in the state of North Carolina. She has previously conquered New York City, spent a semester studying abroad in Europe, and is currently a resident of Chapel Hill.

Throughout the course of her remarkable twenty-year career, she had a significant influence on the lives of a large number of individuals worldwide. Her love throughout her life was hospitality. While she was acting as the Chief People Officer at Aurify Brands, she was a shining example of the concept of comfort and warmth in the workplace. Because of her charisma and kindness, she has captured a position of admiration that will remain for the rest of her life. She had previously worked in jobs that were comparable to those she currently holds at Tiffany & Co., Union Square Hospitality Group, and the renowned Eleven Madison Park.

Her participation in the 2018 New York City Marathon and her participation in a significant number of 5k teams were both done with the intention of raising funds for glioblastoma research. Over the course of the holiday season, she offered her time at soup kitchens and storm relief organizations, and she also made financial contributions to charitable organizations that were very important to her. When it came to assisting those who were in need, she did everything in her power to do what she could. The most significant contribution she made was the donation of her brain to the Harvard Medical Research Institute. She would like to convey her gratitude to the remarkable team at Duke University and Wake Forest Baptist Cancer Center, where her team of medical experts miraculously extended her life. She would want to thank them for their efforts.

The principle of selflessness was represented by Stephanie, and during the entirety of the process, there is not a single situation in which she will not be much missed. An angel left a mark on our hearts during the time that she was with us, and we are certain that she will continue to demonstrate her love from beyond the realm of this world. She was overcome with an immense sense of thankfulness for her life, her family, her friends, and the outpouring of love that had been shown to her throughout the years. She will continue to be above average in the future, despite the fact that she is already above average.