Tabatha Lynch Obituary, Remembering the life of Tabatha Lynch


Tabatha Lynch Obituary, Death – Tabatha Lynch, who had worked as an insurance adjuster in Tulsa in the past, passed away due to natural causes when she was 38 years old. It was her brother, her four children, ranging in age from four to eighteen, as well as her nephews and nieces who were able to carry on her legacy after her passing. An entire family was comprised of people who loved and supported her throughout her entire life. In a nutshell, this family was her entire family.

They were doing everything in their power to come to terms with the untimely passing of their loved one, but they had no idea that they were about to become involved in something that none of them had ever anticipated happening. Tabatha’s family was doing everything in their power to come to terms with the untimely passing of their companion. When a strange woman showed up at the wake, that was the moment that everything started to happen.

In order to pay their respects in a more private setting while they were there, Tabatha’s immediate family had arrived at the funeral home earlier than the crowd. This was done in order to ensure that they were able to do so. But before they could enter the viewing area, they noticed a woman standing next to the casket. This prevented them from entering the area. To their knowledge, none of them had ever encountered a woman like this before. She informed them that she intended to be of assistance to the family if they needed it.

She explained that she was a skilled makeup artist who had been hired by the funeral home to apply a few finishing touches to the deceased. She further stated that she had been hired by the funeral home. In her explanation, she stated that the funeral home had hired her to work there. At the same time that she was expressing her condolences to them for the loss that they had endured, she requested that they leave the room for a brief period of time so that she could finish her work. They went back to look for her, but she was nowhere to be found.

There was a scream that could be heard coming from within Tabatha’s viewing room a few minutes later, when Robert Gardner, the funeral director, made the discovery. He assumed that the scream was not one of panic but rather one of grief because he was the proprietor of a funeral home. This led him to the conclusion that the scream was not associated with panic. It wasn’t until two young women rushed into his office with horrified expressions on their faces that he realized that something was truly wrong…

According to the girls, a glob of hair was removed from Tabatha Lynch’s head and then dropped on the floor in front of the casket. The girls believe that the person who removed the hair was most likely the “makeup artist” that they had seen earlier in the room. These girls shared this information with Mr. Gardner, who was informed of it. Additionally, they noticed that the makeup that had been applied to Tabatha’s face had been smeared, and as if that were not enough, the body had been desecrated even further. This was a shocking discovery.

Tabatha’s mother, Charlotte Wheeler, arrived next and informed Mr. Gardner that the stranger had also slashed her daughter’s face from the top of her hairline to the tip of her nose. She said that the stranger had also slashed her daughter’s face. It was stated by her that the unknown individual had also cut her daughter’s face. During the course of her explanation, she made the following statement: “She had lipstick and makeup smeared all over her face, and her hair was just all over the place.”