Thorough Search of Two Young Girls Missing from Lockyer Valley: Urgent Appeal for Assistance


Thorough Search of Two Young Girls Missing from Lockyer Valley: Urgent Appeal for Assistance. An alarming situation unfolds in Lockyer Valley as two young girls have been missing for several days. The community is on edge, and the police are urgently seeking the public’s help to locate them. Discover the details of their disappearance, the community’s distress, and how you can contribute to the search efforts.

Disappearance of Two Little Girls

The disappearance of two young girls in the Lockyer Valley area has caused great concern within the community. The girls, aged 13 and 12, were last seen at a property in Gatton on the evenings of February 16 and 17, 2024. Their sudden disappearance has sparked an immediate worry for their safety, as they are vulnerable and alone. The entire community has been deeply affected by this distressing event, coming together to support the families and join in the search efforts. The priority now is to locate the girls and ensure their safe return home.

Details of Last Whereabouts

According to initial reports, the 13-year-old girl is approximately 155 centimeters tall, with brown hair and eyes. Her 12-year-old friend stands at around 150 centimeters, also with brown hair and eyes. These details are crucial in helping identify the girls and aid in their safe recovery. Any information regarding their whereabouts will be of great assistance to law enforcement and the community. It is important to remain vigilant and report any relevant information that may aid in locating these missing girls.

An Emergency Request: How Can We Help?

The urgency of the situation calls for a united effort from the community to assist in finding the missing girls. Authorities believe that the girls may still be together, potentially moving through areas such as Ipswich, Lockyer Valley, or Western Downs. It is vital for anyone with information or clues to come forward and share what they know. The police have made reporting information easy by providing a 24-hour hotline, Policelink, at 131 444. When contacting them, please quote the reference number QP2400287237 to ensure that the information reaches the right channels. Your cooperation and involvement can make a significant difference in bringing these girls back to their families safely.

Distress Situation

The distressing situation surrounding the disappearance of the two little girls has deeply affected everyone involved. The families of the missing girls are understandably devastated, experiencing immense emotional pain and worry. The entire community shares in their distress, coming together to offer support and assistance during this challenging time. It is crucial that we approach the situation with sensitivity and empathy, refraining from asking hurtful questions or causing additional anguish. Instead, let us reach out to the families and extend our heartfelt support to help alleviate their pain.

In these critical moments, it is important to keep the girls and their families in our thoughts and prayers. The collective hope is for the safe and swift return of these young girls back to the arms of their loved ones. As the community rallies together and law enforcement works tirelessly to expand the search efforts, let us maintain our resolve and determination to bring these girls home safely. Together, we can make a difference and provide the support and strength needed to navigate through this distressing situation.