Tragic Incident at Targetmaster: One Dead in West Chester Pike


In a shocking incident that has left the community reeling, an individual has died by suicide at TargetMaster, the well-known indoor firearm range and gun shop located on 255 Wilmington, West Chester Pike. The incident occurred around 6:18 in the evening, according to reports.

Targetmaster, which boasts of a reputation as the leading firearms dealer in the Delaware and Pennsylvania areas, was the scene of this heartbreaking event. The victim, who has yet to be identified publicly, reportedly took their own life, casting a somber shadow over the establishment known for its wide selection of Vista Outdoor’s ammunition, tactical, and shooting equipment.

For over 27 years, Targetmaster has served as a key player in the tristate area’s shooting sports community. It has grown from a modest operation into an expansive indoor rifle range and retail shop, serving firearms enthusiasts with a variety of products and services. This tragic incident marks a dark day in the retailer’s history.

As a dealer for Vista Outdoor, Targetmaster offers customers a broad array of shooting and tactical equipment. Despite this extensive inventory, the company is now grappling with an event that underscores the harsh realities of firearm accessibility and mental health issues.

The local authorities were alerted to the incident promptly and are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding this tragic event. As the news spreads, the community mourns the loss of life and calls for increased awareness and support for mental health resources.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of responsible firearm ownership and mental health awareness. In the face of such tragedy, it is incumbent upon us all to ensure we are taking the necessary steps to prevent similar incidents in the future.