Tristan Sherry, A Suspected Gunman in Failed Christmas Eve Gangland Murder Attempt


A shocking incident occurred on Christmas Eve when suspected gunman, Tristan Sherry, was stabbed to death following a botched gang killing at a busy restaurant in Blanchardstown. This tragic event shocked the community, raising questions about public safety and gang violence.

Around 8pm on Christmas Eve, Tristan Sherry, a 25-year-old man, and another suspect burst into a busy restaurant in the center of Blanchardstown village. Reports suggest their targets were a known West Dublin criminal and his father, who were present at the restaurant at the time.

Sherry is alleged to have fired multiple shots from a high-velocity weapon at a man in his 40s from a prominent family in Blanchardstown. However, the situation took an unexpected turn when a group of people overpowered Sherry and brutally stabbed him to death.

The main targets of this murder plot were a notorious West Dublin criminal and his father. Their identities were not disclosed for security reasons, but it is understood they were present in the restaurant when the gunmen entered. Despite being the intended victims of this attack, they escaped unharmed.

In a shocking turn of events, the alleged attacker met a brutal end. After firing several shots, Sherry was overpowered by several people who then stabbed him to death. This violent response to attempted murder raises serious concerns about public safety and the growing prevalence of gang-related violence.

Following this tragic incident, local law enforcement agencies conducted a thorough investigation to piece together the events that led to the failed murder plot and Sherry’s subsequent death. The community is waiting for clarity and assurances about their safety as the investigation continues.